About us

Know more about Habibi

Habibi was created by Raymond and Moon.

The name of the brand is deeply rooted in their personal love story: Raymond and Moon met in Taiwan in 2011.
While falling in love, they developed a shared passion for food and more specifically pastry. This passion became reality in 2014 when they decided to create their own brand to make people as happy as they were when sharing a delicious pastry!

They decided to name their brand Habibi which means “my love” in Arabic.
You can now spread love all around you by sharing Habibi’s macarons and other sweets!

Why Taiwan?

In 2011, After I graduated in Paris, I decided to come to Shida University in Taipei to improve my chinese. I spent a year exploring Taiwan, feeling its special atmosphere, discovering both its beautiful landscapes and culinary arts.
I love living in Taiwan, and I am very grateful to be able to share my passion with the tawaneese people, who is very eager for novelty. It is very challenging for me because it pushes me to be creative.

Know more about our French Chef

Know more about our French Chef

What does cooking mean for you?

For me, cooking equals quality time.
I grew up in a family where cooking is a way of sharing and spreading love. Inviting friends over to share a meal is in art.
The kitchen has always been the gathering place at my parents house. The place where we spend a great time cooking all together.
The smell of spices and of chocolate takes me back to my childhood. And it is to keep it alive that I decided to become a pastry chef.

Chocolate is my little addiction. I love everything in chocolate: smell, taste, texture and most of all the fact that it can be combined with so many other flavors!
My favorite macaron is the chocolate passion-fruit one.The fullness of the chocolate combined with the sweet and sour of the passion fruit really makes it unique for me!